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When Marlon Barbour was a standout center on one of the greatest Catonsville High basketball teams of all time, he clutched rebounds like he was holding on for dear life. His book Be More!, detailing his life of turmoil off the court and how he overcame it, is a book you will not let go once you pick it up — like one of his rebounds.

Craig Clary
Baltimore Sun Media Group
Catonsville Times
Assistant Sports Editor
Be More! is totally inspiring. I know it will lift all who read it to strive for greatness and not quit.

Dorothy G. Reynolds
Alabama Power Company
He wrote with such passion and the message is so real for such a time as this.

Teresa Smiley
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Cats as young as thirteen and fourteen riding scooters, driving 380 zx's, Pathfinders, Mercedes, Maximas, and Jaguars drew my idolization of materialism. They were young lieutenants in the game getting theirs, living large and phat not f-a-t! Gold tooth grills, the suede pumas and cortez nikes, bellshaped kangols, fila sweats accessorized by three-finger rings fashioned the ghetto superstar bling I dreamt of wearing and being ... and the sexy fly honies made up the icing on the cake ... part of the package deal! By any means necessay I was out to get a piece of this lifestyle for real!
As a young, latchkey child, I observed these criminal elements drawn and allured into temptations as Augustus Gloop being plopped in the middle of a chocolate chicken egg farm (see Willie Wonka). I was doomed to fail!
The message that I want you all to get from this chapter [Chapter 5, "Endurance"] is that no matter who or what you're up against if you dig deep and not accept defeat because of some pain and suffering you will eventually claim victory and be an enduring champion in life! "Be More."
[Comment under a photo] Look at me lying in the arms of some of my closest friends and brethren at the Children's Home. This activity, the "trust fall," was to teach us how to trust and believe in each other. We lived together in a cottage as one. In reality we were "Our Brothers' Keepers."
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